What is So Special About the Natural World?


What does it take to build a universe that can house large, complicated creatures like ourselves? A rich body of mathematical laws which are properly calibrated and integrated one with the other as well as a planet possessing all the factors needed to support life. It just so happens that this is the type of universe and planet that we find ourselves living in.

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Man is a virtual revolution in the animal world. Capable of forming sophisticated relationships, communicating via complex language, and discovering the very laws that make up the physical universe. What's more, man possesses a unique physical form which is uniquely able to channel his intellectual capabilities into stunning technological achievements.

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Geckos run up glass walls and Gos hawks fly full speed through wooded forests. Hearts pump blood and wings propel flight. Cells store information and create molecular machines. The living world is full of technological wonders and achievements which far exceed our most impressive accomplishments and which we can only dream of mimicking.

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Fundamental Questions

Who Is G-d?

Before we can have any sort of meaningful, intelligent or significant conversation about G-d it is crucial that we have some basic understanding about 'Who' we are talking about. What do we have in mind when we speak about G-d and (equally important) what do we not have in mind? With that clarity in place we can then address other crucial questions such as what difference does it make if there is a G-d and how can I know that G-d actually exists?

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How Can I Know There Is a G-d?

There are two ways you can ask this question. How can one know that there is a G-d and How can I know there is a G-d? The first version asks for objective evidence independent of my desires, wishes or predisposition. The second question asks what do I have to bring to the table. Just like there can be no science without a scientist and no art without an artist, so too there can be no knowledge of G-d without an "I" who is dedicated to actually knowing G-d.

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What Do The Atheists Say?

When it comes to explaining the world that we live in, there are certain fundamental questions that any serious world view has to address. How did the universe and all that it contains (space, time, matter, energy, mathematical laws, finely tuned constants) come into being? How did life begin and develop? What is consciousness and how did it arise? What, then, do the atheists have to say about these grand questions. The surprising answer is not much at all.

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