Nature’s Materials (Biomimicry)

Biomimicry (Natuer's Materials)

We are (rightly so) impressed by the technological advancements that the modern world has accomplished. From computers and cars to lasers and lights, we have managed to transform our world far beyond what we ever dreamed possible. And yet, if we peer into the machinery of the biological world, we discover technological wonders that far […]

In the Image of Man

In the Image of Man

Take a second and think about what is it that makes man unique? What does he possess that no other creature possesses? One answer that comes readily to mind is man’s mind itself. Man’s intellectual achievements are unique in the animal world. Chidushei Torah, math, science, art, literature, medicine, and more – each of these […]

How Ants Communicate (and build air conditioned homes)

How Ants Communicate

Ants have never been accused of being too smart. An ant brain is rather small and an individual ant is capable of making only simple, uncomplicated decisions. And yet ants as a whole are extremely impressive and are capable of extraordinary feats. And so one can wonder, how are these rather simple creatures able to […]

Understanding the Code of Life (Part 2: Information)

DNA Blocks by Duncan Hull

A number of years back my grandmother z”l became too old to cook anymore.  And so it happened that on one of my visits to her I asked for (and received) her recipe box.  I wanted those recipes for one simple reason – they contained the information needed to recreate that special something that my […]