Fine Tuned Universe

It is often said that we take life for granted. The same may be said of the universe as a whole. What exactly does it take to create a vibrant, functioning universe that can house intelligent beings like us?

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Habitable Planet

The earth is where we eat, breath and live our life. It all seems so easy, so natural. But is it? How easy is it to create a planet that life can live on? What factors are involved? What conditions are required?

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Big Bang

3,000 plus years ago the Torah made the simple statement that the universe had an absolute beginning. Now science seems to agree. Of course, scientific theories come and go, but it's still a point worth noting.

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All sorts of animals can communicate, but no other animal can speak. They can't have conversations, explain ideas or describe their emotions.

But man (and man alone) possesses language; a tool which enables him to move beyond mere communication into a world of sophisticated relationships, abstract ideas and a purpose driven life.

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Many animals are clever, but none of them are brilliant. They don't compose symphonies, construct space stations, or discover the laws of physics.

But man does all of this and more. He wonders, considers, thinks, solves problems and plans ahead; it is all part and parcel of a rich mental world that belongs to man and man alone.

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Man's intellect is powerful, but can't do much on its own. In order to put man's brain to use he needs a physical body that can take advantage of his intellect.

And it just so happens that man possesses a body which is able (among other things) to construct and utilized the tools needed to transform his mental world into physical reality.

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When a lion see a sunset he thinks dinner. When man sees a sunset he's struck by its beauty. When a bird hears music he may dance, but only man is emotionally moved.

Man alone seems to experience and wonder about the world in a meaningful way. Only he experiences lofty & spiritual emotions and wonders why he is here.

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The beauty, sophistication and elegance of the animal world never ceases to inspire us with awe and wonder. And what is perhaps most impressive of all is that as we deepen our understanding of how the animal world works and what makes it tick, the more inspired and awestruck we become.

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Hidden beneath the elegant shape (and less than elegant name) of DNA is a world of both technical and intellectual wonder. Symbolic codes, sophisticated machines, stored information and more lie at the heart of life. It is a world that is breath-taking to behold and mind-boggling to contemplate.

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Behind all the wonderous things that life can do, is a system of wonderful biological machinery which powers that life. Eyes, ears, lungs and more are the nuts and bolts of the living world. They are what keep life living, moving, swimming, flying, jumping, seeing, hearing, smelling and more.

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When it comes to the theory of evolution clarity is needed more than anything else. Is it fact or fiction? Does it deny G-d or reveal how He works? Does it contradict the Torah or is it compatible with it? These questions (and more) need to be faced head on and properly addressed.

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Who Is G-d?

Before we can have any sort of meaningful, intelligent or significant conversation about G-d it is crucial that we have some sense or understanding about 'Who' we are talking about. In other words, who is G-d and, equally important, who is G-d NOT.

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Knowing G-d

Perhaps one of the most fiercely debated questions today is whether and how we can know that G-d exists. What is needed, though, is less debate and more insight. And that means an honest look at what "the evidence" says and how to approach that "evidence".

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New Atheists

The most notable quality of the movement known as the new atheists is that they are more attitude than argument, more rhetoric than reason. It leads one to conclude that perhaps there really is not much of an argument to make against G-d.

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