Nature’s Materials

Biomimicry - Learning From Nature

We are (rightly so) impressed by the technological advancements that the modern world has accomplished. From computers and cars to lasers and lights, we have managed to transform our world far beyond what we ever dreamed possible.

And yet, if we peer into the machinery of the biological world, we discover technological wonders that far surpass anything we have ever accomplished. There is even a whole field dedicated to applying these discoveries to our own technological world. The field is called biomimicry and it is based on the understanding that we can advance our own technology if we mimic the design concepts and ideas that we find in the natural world.

All of this raises an interesting question. Our technological world is built upon our ever deepening understanding of mathematics, physics, chemistry and more. Its foundations are intellectual. So what should we conclude about the technological wonders that we find in nature? They show an even greater understanding of the laws of nature than we do. Where did that understanding come from?

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