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How DNA Copies Itself

We have now seen the beautiful and ingenious manner in which DNA is turned into flesh and blood. There is, though, another marvelous element of DNA which we also need to understand – that is how it duplicates itself.

Here are some video demonstrations that shows how this process works. You don't have to watch them all – the first video gives a nice visual feel for what is happening, the later videos go into more detail and explain technically some of the issues involved.

Take what you can from these videos (if need be, watch the later ones a few times to get the issues and ideas). And, of course, enjoy the majesty of the whole process.

DNA Replication (Basic)

DNA Replication (Advanced)

DNA Replication (Essential Biology, 3rd Edition Version)

3 What and 5 What (Optional)

Didn't quite get that 3 Prime and 5 Prime bit. Here is a video which shows what that is talking about. It's a bit technical (although very well done and very clearly explained). If you can understand it, great. If not, don't worry about it.

DNA Replication (A Bit More Detailed)

Pretty Impressive

Pretty impressive, huh? I also think it is quite beautiful.

Next on the list, copying the right gene at the right time.

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